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Harvey Weinstein Back In Court Over Sex Crimes Allegations

By Linda Kenney Baden |

The former movie producer responded to several new allegations during a brief appearance in a Manhattan courtroom. Earlier in July, prosecutors unveiled some additional felony charges against Mr. Weinstein. Another alleged victim has come forward as well. Prosecutors also asked the judge to confine Mr. Weinstein, or at least order house arrest. He is… Read More »

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Troubled Former Met Back In Trouble Again

By Linda Kenney Baden |

More details recently emerged in the latest Lenny Dykstra saga, as Linfield police released boy-cam footage of his recent arrest following an altercation with an Uber driver. The 55-year-old former outfielder claimed that the Uber driver drove recklessly and locked him in the car. “He kidnapped me,” Mr. Dykstra told police officers. No charges… Read More »

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NYPD Looking Into Possible Mario Batali Sex Crimes

By Linda Kenney Baden |

During a recent interview, an unnamed woman accused the celebrity chef of drugging and raping her in 2005. The woman says she recalled joining Mr. Batali for a glass of wine at a Manhattan restaurant that he often frequented. Sometime later, she says she woke up on the floor feeling woozy and violated. She… Read More »

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Conor McGregor Lawyers Up Following Imbroglio

By Linda Kenney Baden |

When the UFC fighter appears in a New York court this June to face three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief, his Dublin attorney will be representing him. Graham Kenny, who trains at the same gym as Mr. McGregor, passed the New York State bar exam a number of years ago…. Read More »

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‘NCIS’ May Be More Science Fiction Than Science Fact

By Linda Kenney Baden |

For the most part, the forensic evidence that many criminal prosecutions rely on is nothing but razzle dazzle, according to scientists from the now-disbanded National Commission for Forensic Science. Dr. Arturo Casadevall, the lead study author, flatly stated that “many of the forensic techniques used today to put people in jail have no scientific… Read More »

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