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New York Criminal Lawyer

Make Sure You Have a Top New York Criminal Defense Attorney Working for You

You already know that a criminal conviction can land you in jail or cost you thousands of dollars in fines. Have you also considered the effect of a conviction on your job, your family, your reputation and standing in the community? These consequences can continue to haunt you long after your time has been served or your penalty paid. Before you decide to plead guilty or roll the dice with the judge or jury, make sure you talk to an experienced and successful New York criminal lawyer about your case. Linda Kenney Baden has handled some of the most complex and high-profile criminal matters in the country, and she can let you know what your best options are in your particular situation. Call the Law Office of Linda Kenney Baden if you need top criminal defense representation in New York or New Jersey.

What to do if Arrested in New Jersey or New York

For most people, getting arrested is a scary experience. It is common to feel powerless, vulnerable and at the mercy of the police and prosecutors. This feeling can lead you to make the wrong decisions or say the wrong things, which put you in a much worse position than necessary. However, if you know what to expect, if you know your rights and use them, then you can overcome your anxiety and position yourself for the best outcome possible. Even if you don’t know what to do, we do. Read on to learn about what to do and expect if you are arrested, and contact the Law Office of Linda Kenney Baden for advice and representation from a skilled and knowledgeable New Jersey criminal defense attorney.

Keep Calm and Call Linda Kenney Baden

If you have not been arrested but believe you soon will be, call the Law Office of Linda Kenney Baden for assistance. We have represented clients in many high-profile criminal cases and can help orchestrate the circumstances of your arrest in your best interests. Our pre-arrest services can help you understand how to handle yourself during an investigation to get the best outcome available, including the possibility of charges never being filed in the first place.

If you are being arrested, it is important to remain calm and to be polite and respectful toward the police officers effecting the arrest. Arguing or resisting could lead to additional charges, or you could wind up making statements that will be used against you. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to talk yourself out of an arrest or “clear things up” for the police. If you are being arrested, it is because the police already think you are guilty and have already investigated and built up probable cause to arrest you. If they don’t have probable cause, your attorney can work later to get the charges dropped by the prosecutor or have the case dismissed by the judge, but now is not the time to argue that point by yourself.

While it is important to cooperate with police demands, this does not mean that you should consent to any search of yourself, your car or your property. The police do have a right to conduct a limited search incident to a lawful arrest, but if they are asking for your permission to search, they probably don’t have independent cause to search unless you let them. In this case, you are within your rights to refuse consent, and there is virtually no good reason to consent to a search when you don’t have to. Again, do not attempt to resist police directives. If they conduct an unlawful search, your attorney will bring this up at the appropriate time.

From the moment of your arrest, request a lawyer at the earliest opportunity, and don’t talk to anyone without your lawyer present. The police may offer you an opportunity to explain your side of the story, but this is just a trap to get you to make incriminating statements. Even innocent yet contradictory statements can be used against you to make you look guilty or pressure you into confessing something the police cannot otherwise prove against you. If it is in your best interests to speak with the police or prosecutors, your attorney can advise you accordingly and be with you to make sure your rights are protected.

Talking to anyone besides your attorney after an arrest is risky, so you should either avoid doing so or watch what you say. Jailhouse phones may be tapped, as may be the phones of trusted friends or family you are calling. Others nearby may be listening in and may report what they heard. Bragging to others in a holding cell, even if you are exaggerating, can wind up hurting your case. An experienced New York criminal lawyer is truly the one person you can rely on to protect your rights and advocate for your interests to the fullest extent.

Expertise in Forensic Evidence

More and more often, police and prosecutors rely on forensic evidence to justify an arrest or make their case to the jury. Analysis of hair, blood, DNA and more can be heavily relied on by the prosecution and can make or break their case. Thanks to knowledgeable, aggressive criminal defense, we are able to understand and interpret forensic evidence for ourselves and explain to the jury exactly what this official-sounding evidence actually means in terms of implicating our client in the commission of a crime. Forensic labs are staffed with people, and people make mistakes. It is not uncommon for lab errors to wrongly implicate an individual. Without a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to uncover and point out these errors, an individual can end up convicted based on erroneous evidence.

Linda Kenney Baden has extensive experience in forensic issues and has developed an area of expertise interpreting forensic evidence and uncovering lab errors. If forensic evidence may play a role in your case, Linda Kenney Baden is the attorney you need on your side to represent you in this highly complex area.

Experience Representing Professional Athletes

Linda Kenney Baden has abundant experience representing sports figures, from a professional football player accused (and acquitted) of murder to basketball coaches charged with bribery or conspiracy. Along with complex and highly technical issues, these cases often bring notoriety and publicity which can be helpful or harmful depending upon how well the situation is managed. Our office can be especially helpful in these cases in the pre-arrest stage before charges are actually filed. Rest assured that our firm has the knowledge, experience and capability to ably represent and defend you.

Help is Available after an Arrest in New York or New Jersey

If you have been arrested in New York or New Jersey, contact the Law Office of Linda Kenney Baden at 732-219-7770 to schedule a consultation with a top-notch New York criminal lawyer who will be an effective advocate for your rights and interests.

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