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Category Archives: Drug Crime


Shaky Forensic Evidence Taints Thousands Of Drug Cases

By Linda Kenney Baden |

Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court has already thrown out 11,000 drug convictions that a disgraced chemist handled, and that number may only be the beginning. In 2014, former state chemist Sonja Farak pleaded guilty to evidence tampering charges. She was a lead investigator in Amherst’s methamphetamine lab between 2009 and 2013. According to court documents,… Read More »

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Mayor de Blasio Scales Back NYC Marijuana Arrests

By Linda Kenney Baden |

Under considerable pressure from scientists and civil rights groups, Mayor Bill de Blasio instructed the NYPD to greatly reduce the number of marijuana arrests in the city. Effective September 1, officers will no longer arrest most people for smoking marijuana in public. Instead, these individuals will receive a criminal summons, which is basically like… Read More »

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NYC To Limit Marijuana Prosecutions

By Linda Kenney Baden |

Mayor Bill De Blasio said he wanted the police department to “end unnecessary arrests” related to marijuana possession, and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said his agency would stop prosecuting low-level possession and smoking offenses. What do these changes mean for you? Mr. Vance cited a report which concluded that marijuana possession arrests… Read More »

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Four Common Search Warrant Exceptions In New York

By Linda Kenney Baden |

Almost all criminal cases which rely on physical evidence, such as drug cases, involve search warrant exceptions. If the arrest was the culmination of a months-long investigation, there may be a search warrant involved. But generally, New York police officers are not going to wait for warrants if they think that people may have… Read More »

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Several New Yorkers Caught In Multistate Dragnet

By Linda Kenney Baden |

After a two-year investigation, Drug Enforcement Agency officers in Maryland arrested nineteen people who were allegedly part of a drug pipeline running from the Bronx to Baltimore. According to prosecutors, one 42-year-old man sold large quantities of fentanyl and heroin in the Cherry Hill and Brooklyn sections of NYC, south Baltimore, and areas of… Read More »

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