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New York Police Civil Rights Lawyer

Dedicated Lawyer Standing up for the Civil Rights of Police Officers in New Jersey and New York

Claims that an individual’s civil rights were violated by the police or other government officials frequently make the headlines. But less noteworthy than violations of the civil rights of citizens are violations of police officers’ own civil rights. New York police civil rights lawyer Linda Kenney Baden champions the civil rights of all individuals, including New York and New Jersey police officers who have been subjected to illegal employment discrimination or otherwise victimized in violation of their civil rights.

Employment Discrimination & First Amendment Rights on the Force

Common civil rights violations in New York or New Jersey police departments include minority officers who are wrongfully denied a promotion, or officers who are retaliated against for speaking out about problems in the department. Police officers should be protected from retaliation for commenting on matters of public concern, whether making their complaints through internal channels or speaking out publicly. Unfortunately, just the opposite is more likely to occur, and police officers are often rightfully wary of speaking out for fear of being mistreated at work or even losing their jobs. A knowledgeable and experienced civil rights attorney can ensure you are protected from retaliation for making a complaint, or can redress any wrong done to you either initially or in retaliation.

Vindicating Your Civil Rights can Help You be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Civil rights violations within the police department are usually not isolated incidents. Rather they are part of a continuing pattern due to discriminatory motives by certain officials or misguided policies that are routinely abused. Bad actors intimidate and retaliate against victims, and department heads would rather cover up abuses than expose themselves to scandal. Often, civil litigation is the only or best way to shine a light on civil rights violations and bring them out in the open. Civil lawsuits brought by individuals have been instrumental in reforming unconstitutional practices by police departments in New York City and elsewhere. By standing up for your rights, you may bring about department-wide policy changes for the betterment of all officers. Attorney Linda Kenney Baden can help you be this agent of change while also vindicating your rights and ensuring fair treatment, or compensation for unfair treatment.

Call Linda Kenney Baden to Stop Civil Rights Violations in New Jersey and New York

If you have been the victim of civil rights violations as a police officer in New York or New Jersey, we want to hear from you. Call the Law Office of Linda Kenney Baden at 732-219-7770 to schedule a consultation with a compassionate, dedicated and experienced New York police civil rights lawyer.

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