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Monthly Archives: August 2018


The Sexual Offense Registry in New York

By Linda Kenney Baden |

For many individuals, the worst punishment for a sex offense is not the prison sentence or lengthy probation, although those things are very, very bad. Perhaps more often than not, New York’s very strict sex offender registry is what scares people the most. Without a doubt, the system is one of the most restrictive… Read More »

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Trump Lawyer Lawyers Up In New York

By Linda Kenney Baden |

As the federal investigation against him heats up, President Donald Trump’s attorney has hired new legal counsel to help deal with the next criminal procedure phase. In April 2018, law enforcement seized over 3 million documents from Michael Cohen’s home and office in New York. A team of lawyers is currently reviewing those documents… Read More »

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Harvey Weinstein Back In Court Over Sex Crimes Allegations

By Linda Kenney Baden |

The former movie producer responded to several new allegations during a brief appearance in a Manhattan courtroom. Earlier in July, prosecutors unveiled some additional felony charges against Mr. Weinstein. Another alleged victim has come forward as well. Prosecutors also asked the judge to confine Mr. Weinstein, or at least order house arrest. He is… Read More »

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