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Your Right to Privacy and How the Robert Kraft Prostitution Case Protected It


Recently I wrote an Op-ed for LawandCrime.com titled: More People Should Be Outraged By What Police Did to Catch Robert Kraft

I am a host on the Law and Crime Network where we covered the Robert Kraft suppression hearing. Since I wrote this piece the court suppressed the video of a “certain type of sex” Kraft allegedly received at a Florida spa. Recognizing the constitutional right to privacy patrons of the spa had, the court concluded the police failed to minimize the intrusive nature of the videos taken by cameras authorized by a “sneak and peek” warrant. In fact, one male officer intermittently watched a female customer take off her clothes and get a legal massage even though there had been no warrant that authorizes surveillance on a female patron. She will have a slam- dunk civil suit. It also suppressed any evidence from Kraft’s subsequent questionable traffic stop which revealed or confirmed his identity.

When I listened to the testimony about the female patron, I was so upset that I wrote the above article apparently foreshadowing the judge’s concern.

The full article can be found here:


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