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Former MLB Player Kelly Gruber Faces DUI Charges

By Linda Kenney Baden |

The ex-Toronto Blue Jays All-Star was arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Texas. He made the controversial choice to refuse both the breath test and the field tests. Will that move help him or hurt him? In the early morning hours of April 22, 2018, Mr. Gruber was driving erratically, according to police…. Read More »

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Four Common Search Warrant Exceptions In New York

By Linda Kenney Baden |

Almost all criminal cases which rely on physical evidence, such as drug cases, involve search warrant exceptions. If the arrest was the culmination of a months-long investigation, there may be a search warrant involved. But generally, New York police officers are not going to wait for warrants if they think that people may have… Read More »

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Jets’ Wide Receiver Dodges One Bullet, Delays Another One

By Linda Kenney Baden |

The troubled wide receiver’s legal problems became a little less pressing after Florida prosecutors dropped most of the new charges against him and agreed to a six-month continuance in another case. In January 2018, officers pulled over a wide receiver for the Jets for travelling 105mph in a 45mph zone. He was very combative… Read More »

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Several New Yorkers Caught In Multistate Dragnet

By Linda Kenney Baden |

After a two-year investigation, Drug Enforcement Agency officers in Maryland arrested nineteen people who were allegedly part of a drug pipeline running from the Bronx to Baltimore. According to prosecutors, one 42-year-old man sold large quantities of fentanyl and heroin in the Cherry Hill and Brooklyn sections of NYC, south Baltimore, and areas of… Read More »

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Opposition Grows To NYC Regional Jails

By Linda Kenney Baden |

People convicted of crimes in New York City may not be going to Rikers Island much longer, and no one is exactly sure where they will be going. But the post-conviction criminal procedure should remain the same. In 2017, a commission recommended closing Rikers Island, which is almost universally seen as a sprawling, isolated,… Read More »

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