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Monthly Archives: September 2019


Your Rights During Police Interrogation

By Linda Kenney Baden |

To catch the suspect off-balance, investigators often show up at very unusual times. No matter when they summon you to the station house or knock on your door, you have rights during these encounters. The right to remain silent is probably the most important one. The Fifth Amendment is broader than many people think…. Read More »

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Police Investigations and “Scientific Evidence”

By Linda Kenney Baden |

In terms of  real scientific evidence, DNA is very reliable because it was validated in with true medical/science accepted  procedures. Most “scientific” evidence presented in court is anything but scientific. Recently,  DNA evidence was used to conclude a Polish barber named Aaron Kosminski as the notorious Jack the Ripper, a sexual predator who stalked… Read More »

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Governor Cuomo Signs Revenge Porn Law

By Linda Kenney Baden |

Publishing private photographs with the intent to harm another person is now illegal in New York. “Our laws have not kept pace with technology and how abusers can use it to harass, intimidate and humiliate intimate partners,” the governor declared in a signing ceremony. “By criminalizing the publication of revenge porn, we are empowering… Read More »

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State Investigates Possible Hate Crime Against Hindu Priest in Queens

By Linda Kenney Baden |

Despite a lack of evidence, Governor Andrew Cuomo directed authorities to treat a brutal assault near the Shiv Shakti Peeth temple in Bellerose Manor. “I am disgusted by the attack on a Hindu priest in Queens, mere blocks away from the Shiv Shakti Peeth temple. This terrible, inexcusable act of violence is now being… Read More »

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